How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 without Product Key 2020

Microsoft Office 2010 (codenamed Office 14) is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. Office 2010 was released to manufacturing on April 15, 2010, and it was later made available for retail and online purchase on June 15, 2010. It is the successor to Office 2007 and the predecessor to Office 2013. Research and development of Office 2010 began in 2006, before the release of its predecessor

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 without Product Key for Free 2020

I will show you in this article .

Step 1 : You visit
Step 2 : You copy the code above into a new text document
Step 3 : You choose “Save As” to save it as a batch file , name “Office2010.cmd”

save code as batch file

Step 4 : You run the batch file as administrator

Run the batch file as administrator

Done! You Office has been activated successfully. Please check activation status again.


You can watch this video to know How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 without Product Key 2018

With this method you can activate :

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office Word 2010
  • Microsoft Office Excel  2010
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

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