6 Tips to Quickly and Efficiently Clean Your Event Venue

event venue

No matter where you are, but, if various people gathered at one location, then there will be a mess. Even, gentle and high-class attendees leave some kind of waste or dust at the event venue.  Many times the event managers are overwhelmed with the post-event cleaning planning.

For post-event cleaning, you should purchase special tools like an industrial backpack vacuum cleaner or take the help of professionals. If you want to know some tips to efficiently clean a venue after an event, then you should read the following points. These pro tips will help you in making your post-event cleaning task smooth and simple as well. 

1. Create a Good Plan

The golden rule of quick cleaning is to gather your cleaning supplies at one place before the process. It will save you time for going around to get different cleaning tools from the storeroom. That means you can start the cleaning process immediately after your guests leave the place.  It will also make sure that your cleaning staff members are ready to handle a huge post-event mess.

If you have already hosted many events, then you have required cleaning supplies. If you are hosting it for the first time, then you should purchase the required cleaning tools and solutions like bin bags, cleaning cloths, glass, and floor cleaning solutions, commercial backpack vacuum, gloves, etc. Once you get all the required tools, and then draw a plan and start cleaning according to the plan.

2. Hire a Professional Cleaning Firm

Your regular in-house cleaning staff members are not efficient enough to clean the entire venue efficiently. They can just run a cloth over different surfaces, and remove dirt from the floor. They are not trained to use specialized cleaning tools and equipment. Therefore, you should take help of a professional cleaning firm.

They will provide clean corners and even hard reach surfaces. Also, they will help to do this job faster than the untrained cleaning staff members. But, you are in-house staff members who can help you in keeping your venue well-organized during the event. They can also help in clearing the general litter over large venue space with the help of a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner.

3. Motivate Your Guests

You should make sure that you place enormous bins in the event venue so that your guest di not litter. If bins are available all around, then your guests will know where to dump the disposable cups and plates. You can also use signposts to indicate where you have placed your dustbins. You should pay special attention to that area that is near to the food hubs.

You should place two or three bin bags in each receptacle so that you can easily remove it when it is full. If you are hosting a large event, then you can start an incentivization program so that your guests do not create a mess. For instance, you can sell drinks in reusable cups. Also, you can announce awards for the guests who will help in removing rubbish and placing it into the designated areas. 

4. Take Help Of Local Council Authorities

If you are hosting a large size event, then you should talk to the local council authorities. They will help you in removing the excess waste. It is very important to be prepared in advance, otherwise, cleaning a huge mess after the event is not an easy task.

You can ask council authorities and tell them to provide temporary waste receptacles, provide access to refuse collection sites, start a recycling program, provide information to deal with hazardous waste material, etc.

5. Appoint A Leader For Cleaning Event Venue

You should find out the best team member in your in-house cleaning staff and appoint him as a leader. This way you can handle the event cleaning process efficiency. The leader will be responsible for supervising the venue. He will be responsible to assign tasks to other team members and check their work.

Make sure you appoint an experienced person as a leader so that he can take care of all cleaning tasks and requirements without any problem. Also, you should choose only that person a leader who is energetic and willing to do this job.

6. Clean Hidden Areas

Mostly cleaning staff members focus on obvious spaces and they forget to clean hidden areas. But, the large event usually ends up with huge amounts of a mess, even in hidden areas. Therefore, you should instruct your cleaning team members to efficiently clean all the spaces with a backpack commercial vacuum cleaner.

Usually,  staff members forget to clean toilets, patios, and parking areas. But, these areas are usually hot-spots for your guests. Therefore, these areas should be tackled along with clearly visible spaces.

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