7 Unique Ways To Get Your T-Shirt Graphic Design Done

The process involves a lot of fun and the style can be a lot simpler when it comes to designing your own t-shirts.

The primary thing that you will have to need to know is the printing method you are choosing on your own t-shirts and then you need to choose the right software to help you with the same.

T shirt graphic design is a unique technique that is usually used by several renowned companies that are present. 

Types of T-shirt prints

When it comes to the transfers they are usually the cheapest cost-effective method involved with t-shirt printing. It deals with a special sheet of paper while transferring the designs onto the shirts with the use of heat sources that can be a t-shirt heat press or a household iron.

The method here is very cheap and the design that is transferred will not be staying for a very long period of time.

You might also be noticing the chips and the cracks right after certain washes and the advantage behind this method is that you will be able to print the full-color designs in the raster format.

Through the screens, the ink is usually pressed through in terms of the silk screening and then the ink is directly applied to the shirt. The t-shirts must be able to pass through 3 color screens as this process is usually done once every color.

The ink dries up and becomes permanent once every color has been effectively screened onto. The process of the silkscreen requires the use of vector graphics with the pre-determined number of colors that are to be used since the inks are applied on an individual basis.

For producing the colors onto them no more than 4 colors are used else the cost of the production would usually rise up. Since a huge amount of printing companies have large silkscreen machines that are able to produce several shirts all in sequence, silk screening is the best method that is used for mass production.

Text and images

All that you need is the use of the images and the text with the crisp contrast as well as the clear lines. People need to be understanding things that are written on your shirt from a clear distance in other words.

When good design is done, they can easily be seen through some clear distance. They will certainly be useless if they are not able to be seen from a distance.


You need to ensure that you are choosing the right set of colors for both the text as well as the t-shirts with the creation of the designs. This is a great thing about the apps as they allow you to match up with the colors so that you are able to make the best choice.

It’s a good idea to set the right contrast level or you may not be able to have a great looking shirt.

Here it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of printing black text on a white shirt is lower, but it is the other way around to print white text on a black shirt. So, this point is important from the cost perspective.


You need to ensure that you have a proper understanding of the dimensions of the designs prior to the printing stage. You need to apply the texts on the shirt which is there in the app for doing it in the right manner. This will help you a lot to get hold of the right size.


For printing the image onto the shirt, you need to choose the right area. Where do you want to have the picture placed? Whether the front or the back or onto the sleeves.

All that you need to remember is that the cost would be higher if you are having multiple pictures onto it. While you are making this choice, you need to consider the budget as well.


Do you wish to keep the rest of the area transparent or do you want a background for the image?

You will be able to eliminate the color of the background so that the texts, as well as the images, will be able to pop out looking extremely natural with the help of the software.


You need to have some realistic expectations. Digital apparel printing would be the right choice but you need to know your wants. You also need to have the bright colors selected for the designs and this is a great idea that is here.

It is usually great for charities, fundraisers, sports teams, groups such as that of the girl or boy scouts and many more when it comes to the usage of the cheap t-shirt design.

When you are wearing similar shirts they always give out something that is to be remembered on every special occasion as it involves a lot of fun while wearing the right shirts. 

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