Top 5 Tips to Hang 3 Piece Wall Art in Living Room

3 piece wall art

Have you ever crossed an art gallery and felt amazed? The way canvas prints are hung in the gallery can excite anyone to bring them home and hang them in your living room. There are various canvas print sets that can make your walls look presentable and appealing.

Does the love for art run in your DNA? If yes, then you can master the art of hanging 3 piece wall art in your living room.

Today’s article is about hanging 3 piece wall art. Below you will know what are the tips for hanging 3 piece wall art Australia in your living room?

Let’s dive into the creative pool to see the magical decoration by 3 piece wall art arrangements.

Different Shapes Bring the Accent 

Set of 3 wall prints Australia can make change the entire look of your living room if there is the perfection of hanging. In this, shapes play an important role. You need to imagine how your wall would look before opting for different shapes. Different shapes can bring geometrical beauty to the room. Sometimes you can go for the same shapes or sometimes you can beautify the room with different shapes.

Rearrange Sizes for Appealing Look 

Formations can be the action point. The way you hang 3 Piece wall art prints in your home can create magic in the living room. The living room is the place where you can experiment with the arrangements and make it work according to your personality.

Choose Fireplace or Focal Point for 3 Piece Wall Art

Every living room has a focal point; either you have or you need to create one. You can hang 3 piece wall art prints on the fireplace wall. This is one of the options that can make the wall art sets unavoidable. You can also create a focal point on the wall through the canvas print sets.

Hang Set of 3 Wall Prints On the Eye Level 

This is the basic mistake people make while hanging 3 piece wall art Australia in the living room. It should not be hanged too low or too high to adjust your eye level. It can cause strain in the eyes and will break the look of a living room. So, measure before you hang.

Choose the set that reflects Your Personality 

The art of a hanging set of 3 wall art prints can bring the attention of everyone. So, you should choose the canvas print that can speak of your personality. Hanging the canvas print that can communicate your thoughts will make a great impact on the viewer.

If you are unable to find the best set of 3 wall prints for your living room, then you can explore an exclusive collection of Arttree. Here, you can find some inspiring wall art sets to create an everlasting effect on the guests and you. You can also get your idea customized and match with your other canvas art prints through our customization option.

So, hang 3 piece wall art prints in a way that seems perfect, attractive, and beautiful. You can also share the tips for hanging it in the living room. We would love to hear about your thoughts.    

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