Why having an app is so essential for your taxi company?

Uber Clone app software

Although the word “Taxi” is instantly recognizable and its concept is familiar with everyone in the world, the scope of services that have been summarised under the same word varies from country to country as do the challenges of the industry. The difference in local markets of the society and economic structures of a geographical location creates a broad set of problems, which makes the Taxi industry even more complicated.  

Taxis are an essential feature of mobility in urban areas, but it equally has its demerits. The challenges  they face in many cities are due to the following reasons:

1.Safety issues:
    Issues about the driver’s behaviour and quality of the vehicle come under this category.

2.Competition with public transport:

With the limited city area and a large number of public transports on the road, it is definitely not an easy task for the taxis to convince the customers.

3.Issues for employees:

Issues for employees can be like long working hours, low or irregular pay.

4.Illicit behaviour:

This accounts for the unethical behaviour or criminal behaviour of both customers and drivers.


The following factors can cause significant disruption to your brand’s reputation in the market and the customer’s confidence in your services. Overpricing may occur due to the following reasons:

  1. Depending upon the traffic.
  2. Depending upon the time.
  3. Depending upon the availability of cabs.

6.Geographical regulations:

        The location of your taxi business can be a significant player in your business. The following are some of the problems it may cause are:

  1. Licensing issues of the company.
  2. Various restrictions on the number of vehicles on the road.
  3. Certain restrictions on the type of vehicle used.
  4. Variations in requirements and qualifications of the drivers.

Give wings to your establishment:

    If your taxi company is already well established in the market, it is highly recommended for you to get an app. The foremost factor being that your taxi company is already well established, you can provide a complement to it by building an app. With this app, you can easily get more customers, or you can also add a custom panel in the app where people can lend their cars for rent on a prefixed amount. For instance, Uber and Zipcar offer Cab rides and Carpooling, respectively. You can implement these two options under a single app for your customers. 

Distance as a factor:

    Distance is the next factor that one should consider before building an app. You need to decide on whether you are going to provide intra-city travel or inter-city travel options. Some of the major apps in the world provide both services. So it is your call to make a wise decision.

The fundamental features for your app:

    Your taxi booking app must have these structural features to grow and sustain in the market.

  • API
  • Registration
  • Maps and GPS
  • Communications
  • Push-notifications
  • Payments 
  • Profile and dashboard
  • Reviews and ratings

The deployment of Taxi booking apps in the market are growing at an unexpected rate. A majority of entrepreneurs’ concern will be that their app might get lost in the market full of giants like Uber, Ola. But we suggest that even though the market has several good ideas in existence, it merely does not mean that they will not accept any new and innovative ideas. Hence, there is a good reason that your original idea will get a warm welcome from the audience because of the continually improving technology. For example, Uber launched the concept of “shared taxi”, and Ola introduced the concept of “Ola Auto” in the market. Both the concepts were alien to people in the years of 2009 and 2018, yet everyone has received them well.

Right tools for your app

    Before getting an Uber clone app software for your business, make sure that the following parameters are followed:

1.GPS based implementation:

You must ensure that GPS deeply integrated into your app so that it eliminates certain hassles faced by your customers. You must include a separate timer for estimated time to arrival, after booking the cab, which will be calculated based on the machine learning techniques.

2.Online payments integration:

This is a critical feature one should not ignore to implement in the app. All the major online payment methods must be supported on your app. You should also create a wallet for your app so that people need not worry about paying after the ride ends.


You should write rules for your app to make sure that regulations on certain scenarios such as cancellation of rides, should not be a big issue for the customers. You can adapt the ways of Uber in which they charge their customers with cancellation fees if they cancel the ride after 5 minutes of booking.


Sometimes customers may need a taxi quite crucially. Your app should not fail to aid them. So it is necessary for you to employ enough drivers so that the app can effortlessly connect them.

Turnkey Town can help you with the development of Uber clone app software from the inception to deployment. Our developers will fulfil your every single requirement. The app will render advantages for both the customers and drivers. If you want to learn more about the cost of development of the app or any further information about the app, you can connect with us by scheduling a free demo.

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