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Why You Should Consider Studying in Japan?

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Living or studying abroad is not easy, especially if your host country doesn’t speak English. Additionally, some countries are not as welcoming to foreigners. However, both of these factors have not deterred students or tourists from travelling abroad to fulfil their dreams. Japan, Tokyo, in particular, has been voted the second-best student city in the world.

Tokyo is a city known for being a technology and innovation hub around the globe. However, the city is still rooted in the rich Japanese culture. You might think that you will be uncomfortable in such a place but think again.

Read on to find out why many international students choose to study in Tokyo.

  • English is the medium of instruction – Japan is home to some of the largest Fortune Global 500 companies like Toyota, Sony, Honda, and many more. Being the third-largest economy globally, Japan is also home to over 2 million expatriates, many of whom come from neighbouring countries. This has led the country to consider accommodating English-speaking students in their schools.
    As of 2019, over 250 international schools in Japan use English as the medium of instruction. This is due to the growing enrollment numbers of international students in primary and high school and universities. Therefore, the language barrier is not an issue when you choose to study in Japan.
  • High quality of education – Did you know that there are two Japanese universities on the list of the top 50 institutions in the world? Did you know that 25 of the Nobel Prize winners are from Japan? Japan is a leader in innovation and technology with a commitment to research and development, making it one of the best Asian countries in education. Whether you are looking for a primary school, high school, or university, you are likely to get the most out of studying in Japan. Schools are equipped with the latest technology, and training is done by the best people in a particular area.

Expatriate families usually have difficulty finding a school that offers a similar curriculum to their native countries. Not in Japan. International schools in Japan also offer a variety of curricula to accommodate international students. For example, GIIS Tokyo is an international school that offers the CBSE, Global Montessori Program, IGCSE, IB program, and CLSP for its students. This means that young transferring students can continue with their world-class education in Japan.

  • You get the best international student experience – Japan aims to attract as many international students as possible. To help achieve their goal, many international schools have made their application processes simple. Some have made adjustments to their academic years. For example, some schools will start their year in September even though a traditional school year in Japan begins in April. Furthermore, there are many exchange programs for students living in Asia and other countries. International schools are also hiring global teaching staff so students can feel right at home when in school.
  • Tuition is relatively cheap – In most cases studying abroad can cost thousands of dollars. The accumulated costs can be discouraging to international students from tuition fees, accommodation, transport, and school supplies. International schools offer students several scholarship options to aid in their education. Scholarships are offered to students of all levels across all academic disciplines so that anyone can apply. The country also has a tuition fee exemption program for international students.
    Aside from the affordable tuition fees, the cost of living in Japan is relatively low compared to other countries. International university students are also allowed to work as they study, which helps in supporting their day to day lives. Japan has a variety of job opportunities for international students, and sometimes the school can help you find a job that suits you.
  • Japan is a well-run country – As the third-largest economy in the world, life in Japan is quite comfortable. Their transportation system is affordable and reliable, and their health services are cheap and efficient. Japan is also a clean and safe country. The Japanese people are welcoming and respectful to everyone, including their fellow citizens. The country’s unemployment rate is low, so everyone is too busy to engage in any crime. Whether you are an individual or have moved there with your family, you can rest assured that living in Japan will be a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

It is impossible to conclude this article without mentioning Japan’s unique culture. Japan is one of the few countries you will find a balanced mix of elegance, beauty, wildness, loud, vibrant, and everything in between. You will enjoy Japanese cuisine, history, literature, fashion, and next-generation innovations in one country. Whether you are young or old, there is a place for you in Japan. There is so much to explore as you get the best education in the world.

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