Different Ways to Access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird

Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird

Different Ways to Access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird was created by the Mozilla Foundation as an open and free source for email customers, news customers, and chat customers. The technique of the project was based on the web browser Mozilla Firefox. It will be installed on desktop systems by default.

On Jul 6, 12, Mozilla revealed that the company had dropped Thunderbird’s development focus because the ongoing effort to expand the feature set of Thunderbird was mostly unfruitful. The major development model migrated to Mozilla providing only extended support releases that provide updates on security and stability while enabling the public to take on new features development.

Thunderbird can handle multiple email accounts, newsgroups, and news feeds, and supports hundreds of accounts identities. Apps like quick search, saved search files, advanced filtering of messages, sorting of messages, and labels help to manage and locate messages. Service mail accounts are supported on Linux based systems. Thunderbird gives the basic need for new email notifications and can be extended by using an add-on with enhanced support for notification.

How to Access Gmail on Thunderbird

You need to consider changing to a desktop client such as Thunderbird or Outlook if you regularly use Gmail. Thunderbird is not only open and free but also a pleasant way to handle multiple email accounts. It’s actually a great email network with amazing features such as rich text editing, authentication, electronic signatures, and message scheduling. The best thing is you don’t have to re-enter your password or deal with Google’s daily phone security reminders.

With certain settings, the following guide will allow you to access Gmail.  Please note that you will be enabled to IMAP automatically under Thunderbird 3.0. You can see the guidance given below if you would like to add additional email accounts with IMAP1 access.

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Download Thunderbird First

Thunderbird can be downloaded from the official website by Windows users. We have outlined the minimum steps in this link for Linux users. Mac users are able to follow the instructions on the support page of Mozilla. If email notifications are required, check Thunderbird during setup as your default mail program.

Upon completion of the download, simply start Mozilla Thunderbird. If you used Gmail with Thunderbird before, you’re going to see the welcome page. Tap View this account’s settings. However, tap “Set up an account” when it’s your first time.

Set Thunderbird’s Gmail

Start entering your data for your email as soon as you see the window. Share your name, address of the Gmail account and password of Gmail. Thunderbird’s emails are encrypted with SSL / TLS; you don’t need to about security. First, you need to pick either IMAP or POP3. Select “IMAP” and “Done.” If you prefer to manually select the port settings, refer to Thunderbird’s SMTP and IMAP settings for Google as can be seen. First, you will be asked to sign in with Mozilla Thunderbird to your Google address. Type your email address and password for Google.

Finally, you have to give consent to access your Google account to Mozilla Thunderbird. Such rights include the ability to read, write, send, and remove all emails from Gmail permanently. Of course, you need to make sure the laptop doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Learn to remotely wipe your data if there is such a chance.

Thunderbird for Gmail Messages

Allow enough time to download all your emails before you start using Thunderbird. When done, you’ll need to change a few settings to first reveal the new notifications. You can check and set up fast filters for any email. One of Thunderbird’s benefits is that you can access your emails continuously through multiple tabs. It feels extremely smooth to respond to your Gmail messages from your Thunderbird browser. That’s how it is supposed to be emailing. To add authentication or digital signatures, you can visit “Options.” In “Format,” there are more choices, including six-paragraph heading rates, un-English character support, custom fonts, and emoticons.

Always assure that emails are received easily at any time, get to your Gmail account’s “Settings.” Now you can find your junk settings for new mail every second.


Thunderbird is a wonderful application for email loaded with all the features you’re going to love. There is so much to do, such as searching for emails on your desktop or setting up your own email server. You’re bound to increase your productivity by being able to access Gmail.

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