Four Types of Lasers Used in Cars

Lasers are being used more and more often these days. In medicine, in construction and even in leisure activities. Everyone has at least once seen the use of a laser in everyday life, and today we will talk about their applications in vehicles. These innovations bring many benefits that can be experienced not only by those who drive their own cars, but also by those, who rent a car. For example, people, who use the van rental for trips.

Types of laser application for cars:

Laser headlights

Compared to headlights with other light sources (incandescent lamps, gas-discharge lamps, classic LEDs), laser lamps have a number of advantages. They are based on the fact that laser radiation is monochrome and coherent. It means that the waves have the same length and a constant phase difference: 

First, it forms a beam of light close to parallel, that is, it allows you to control the illumination of specific areas. 

Secondly, the luminous intensity of the laser light beam is 10 times higher than the classic halogen lamps, xenon and LEDs. The range of the laser light beam is up to 600 meters. For example, the conventional high beam illuminates from 200 to 300 meters. At the same time, it is important that even in the low beam mode (the classic low beam “works” at a distance of 60–85 m), the laser headlights will not blind, since the beams are strictly directed. If a person appears in the illumination area, a special mode can turn off that part of the diodes which rays fall into the human’s eyes.

Thirdly, the energy consumption of laser headlights is 30% less than that of conventional ones. This feature is very much in demand in the age of energy saving. 

Fourth, laser headlights are the most compact of all. The light-emitting surface area of a laser diode is one hundred times less than that of a conventional LED. Therefore, with the same light output, a laser headlight needs a reflector with a diameter of 30 mm, for xenon – 70 mm, and for a halogen lamp – 120 mm. This allows laser headlights to be much smaller without sacrificing road lighting efficiency.

Laser instead of spark plug

A group of researchers from Romania and Japan proposed replacing the usual spark plug in an internal combustion engine with a laser. Scientists believe that it will be possible to ignite the fuel mixture in this way in the near future. The team has already developed the pilot systems. Test laser that can ignite a fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of a standard internal combustion engine cylinder was presented at a conference on lasers and electro-optical equipment in May. 

This system allows two or three laser beams to be focused on the engine cylinders at different depths. According to the BBC, the system involves the use of high-energy pulses in lasers. 

A miniature laser with the desired properties was obtained from a ceramic composite by sintering powders, as well as by combining materials of different properties, such as yttrium, aluminum, gallium composite, all of this was doped with neodymium with the addition of chromium. The laser has a diameter of only nine millimeters and a length of only eleven millimeters. It makes it easy to fit into the body of a conventional plug.

Laser fog brake light

It will be necessary when you drive a vehicle in conditions of insufficient visibility, or, for example, at night. If at nightfall the headlights and other light sources already built into the car are visible, then in foggy weather or rain / snow a high degree of visibility is not guaranteed. Fortunately, there is a way out – a fog laser brake light! The latest development in the range of lighting gadgets, both for a car and a motorcycle. 

Drivers, who have already acquired this useful and simple device, use this laser all the time, not only to indicate a car stop signal.

What exactly is this device for?

Probably, every driver has been in a situation when the car behind does not keep a safe distance. Moreover, if the weather is foggy / rainy, this is especially dangerous. Focusing on the luminous dimensions, stop lights in the dark and under conditions of insufficient visibility due to bad weather, it is rather difficult to determine the correct and safe distance, and sharp braking of cars from behind can lead to an accident. You can increase your driving safety with the universal laser brake light. The device is compact, small, projects a bright red wide stripe behind the vehicle. Of course, their brightness is much more powerful than the brightness of sidelights and brake signals. As a result, it will cope perfectly with the task of visibility on the road. Especially for other road users in any weather and season.

The stop signal also has an effect on a person in the spectrum of psychology, preventing from getting too close to your car. With this device, it will be even easier to park.

A little fun. Car laser projector for the parties

It is features a remote control and has a power of 5W. The laser colors could be blue and red. It reacts to music from car speakers. Covers an area of ​​30-50 square meters out of the car. The laser uses USB port as a power source. So, you can connect the laser to the car’s cigarette lighter and illuminate everything around with laser effects!

A laser projector can be used to arrange a disco right on the street. In addition, it lights up the car interior with colorful laser light effects. The limousine discos can now be decorated with this laser. It connects to a USB port and is capable of covering the entire car interior.

As now you can see, there are many types of laser application for the cars. It can ease the work of a car, make the driving safer, or even entertain you and the passengers of the car. 

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