Pressure Washers and Power Cleaning Equipment

A pressure washer or power washer is a type of equipment that makes use of pressurized water for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. It is generally made up of a water pump, a hose and a switch. There are two types of power washers namely hot pressure washers and cold pressure washers. So if you are planning to buy one for your home or for business, here are a few basic things to know about the differences and what exactly you should be buying for your specific use.

Power Washer

Technically, the only difference between a hot and cold pressure washer is the temperature of the water that comes out from their hoses. But such a small difference can lead to other specific functions as well. First off, hot water cleans and disinfects much more effectively compared to cold water. High temperatures have long been used to kill bacteria, making hot water washers an extremely effective cleaning agent.

The only downside to using the hot pressure washers is that washer power can consume twice or even thrice as much electricity, compared to the cold pressure washers. This is because heating the water requires a whole lot more energy than cooling one. This means that if you opt to get the hot pressure washers, then you are about to pay more for electricity than using the other option.

Pressure Washer

The cold pressure washer is used for simply taking out debris from surfaces and cannot really do any kind of sterilization. They are the ones most commonly used for cleaning surfaces such as car washing or even cleaning roads. Many people who have the option of using both a hot cold pressure washer will always opt for the cold one simply because they are far less costly to use.

Hot pressure washers are also very good in cleaning greasy surfaces, something that the cold washers may not be very efficient or even effective in.

The hot temperature can help lessen the oil’s grip on the surface, making it easier to clean. Cooler water on the other hand, can harden the oil, making it almost impossible to remove.

Comparing the price between a hot cold pressure washer, the latter is generally more affordable. This is because with cold pressure washers, you need not have a heater to increase the temperature of the water. And because you do not have to lug around this kind of machine, then cold pressure washers are also very much lighter and easier to carry around than the hot water pressure washers.

So if you are still deciding on whether to get a hot or cold pressure washer, then learn to weigh things out, depending on the use of the equipment. If you are going to do some intensive cleaning procedures that need sterilization, then the hot pressure washers are the best choice for you. Although they are more expensive, heavier and can cost you a lot of energy and electricity to run, it has better cleaning and washer power.

However, if you are simply planning to get the equipment for getting rid of everyday grime and dirt, without the need of sterilization, then the most cost-effective way to go would be a cold pressure washer.

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