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What to do if the paper shredder is heated

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One of the common struggles you will face with a paper shredder is overheating. During those times, it can be frustrating to wait for the appliance to cool down to use it again.

A paper shredder is one of the important tools you must have in your home or office. It helps you to destroy all the unwanted documents within a few minutes to protect yourself against identity threats. They are available in a variety of models and sizes with a wide range of additional features.

The common enquiry among the users of paper shredder is what to do when it gets overheated. To understand this, you must know why a paper shredder gets heated up. Only then it can be easy to fix the problem.

Overheating of paper shredder – why?

The sensor present in the paper shredder gets started as the appliance gets turned on. It checks whether any paper is present to start the shredding motor. To shred the paper, the motor runs at a predefined speed. This is where the appliance generates a lot of heat.

The more you shred, the more heat gets generated. Now, the safety sensor will activate to monitor the motor’s heat. This can stop the shredder from working until it cools down.

The heat produced by the paper shredder depends on 2 things – the quality of the appliance and the motor.

1.Machine’s quality

With a ‘cheap’ shredders, this is the first problem you will see. These shredders are for light usage only. If you use it for more than a few minutes, it can get overheated.

2. Motor

Cheap shredders have low shedding period, which does not work well in an office setting. For heavy usage, you need to have the shredder running continuously with less cooling time necessity.

That is why heavy-duty motors office shredder is a good option. They are thermal protected. This protection can make the heat disappear quickly and allows the motor to work continuously.

Tips to fix the problem

  • The first thing to have is a good practice of shredding. Don’t keep piling the old documents until they become a big stack. If you try to do that, surely the paper shredder will get heated up because of the heavy load. So make sure that your practice of shredding is not wrong.
  • Shred regularly, according to the capacity of the shredder.
  • Make sure to know the duty cycle of the paper shredder. It can be found inside the user manual.
  • Turn the shredder off and unplug it after every use.
  • Try to wait longer than the minimum cooling period. This can increase the efficiency and the performance of the appliance.

The bottom line

These are some basic steps you can follow to reduce the heat in the paper shredder. Make sure to know about what kind of motor is inside your paper shredder. This can help you to know the limits of the appliance and how you can take care of it.

Most importantly, have a good shredding practice. This can make your shredder go a long way.

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