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Why Choose Drupal over WordPress?

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When we think of a content management system, the first few options that come to our mind are Drupal and WordPress because, isn’t it? Both Drupal and WordPress are great tools as they both are free to use open-source platforms and have a wide library of plugins and effective modules to add desired functionalities. Though they both are highly preferred CMS platforms, yet there are still many ways in which they differ from one another and this raises the question – which one to prefer? Well, if you ask us, we’ll suggest Drupal developmentfor your website. We believe a website is undoubtedly the most precious asset of any business, and hence, it should be perfect. But since it is your website, the decision should also be yours.

However, just to make it a bit easier for you, here we’ve mentioned some ways in which Drupal overpowers WordPress.


We admit that Drupal is relatively complex when it is compared to WordPress but this is because of the advanced functionality that it provides. Drupal’s functionality is much deeper than that of WordPress. It has more features that ensure to meet every kind of requirement. It is very flexible as it contains content types, views, taxonomies and many more. Drupal is well equipped to handle the requirements like multiple page templates and content types. It supports multiple website stakeholders as it allows you to have website admins, content editors and individualized access to private content. 


Although there is a large variety of free and paid plugins and themes that you avail with WordPress. But you can enjoy the same benefit with Drupal with an added kick to it as most of these themes and plugins are designed for custom development. Because WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, so it doesn’t promise to handle very large volumes of content. Whereas through Drupal development, you can avail to support thousands of pages and users. Because of all these reasons, Drupal is believed to be more robust to handle complex projects. 


Security is a big differentiator when it comes to comparing any other platform with Drupal. WordPress is unable to compete with Drupal as it is known as one of the safest content management systems in the marketplace as it powers government websites as well. Also, WordPress has always been vulnerable to hacking and other attacks whereas Drupal is highly secure as it offers regular patches and safeguarding from exploits.

So these are the reasons why you should choose Drupal over WordPress or any other content management system whatsoever. But do you know what can make the process even better? Indeed an extra hand to help and Auxesis Infotech is all set for that as it is known as one of the leading Drupal development agencies. With its exceptional team of developers and designers and expertise in web services, it has been delivering remarkable results with affordable cost for many years. 

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